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by MPUK Finalist 2019-20 Artist of the year & Level 4 Technicians


The procedure was painless, and I was very impressed with the treatment I received. I would definitely recommend this salon.

Christine - on 15th March 2020 for Ombre brows

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Laser vs Electrolysis for Hair removal- Which one is better?

Although shaving, waxing, threading and tweezing can remove unwanted hair, long term solutions are becoming more sought after. Two popular methods of hair removal are electrolysis and laser.

Both procedures target hair follicles under the skin to curb or prevent their growth Read more  

Training in Microblading

What is pigment in PMU & how it is different with tattoo ink?

All permanent make up pigments are made of two main ingredients, which are pigment powders and liquid (known as carriers). The powder is added to the carrier, which suspends the pigment powder, enabling the technicians to implant it into the skin. Read more

Microneedling is good for acnes scaring

Winter skin - How to look after your skin during this season

The sudden changes in temperature at this time of the year can make your skin feel patched and dry. Cold air, dry indoor heat, low humidity levels and hash winter wind can take away your skin moisture and that is the reason why your skin looking a lot less radiant than normal.

Here are some tips that may help.. Read more


Pay with a Smile

We are offering 02 brows treatments  per month for anyone who has been through a life-altering trauma the opportunity to get new brows and to simply “Pay with a Smile“ . 

Build me again

For those with breast cancer, we understand that it can be a long process to get back to the “you” that you were before these heart-breaking experiences. We are with Keeping A Breast Charity  to help by offering free 3D nipple tattooing . Consultation needed

Career guides 

We team up with local schools to provide real life work experience to students who are interested in the beauty sectors

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