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The newest eyebrow trend known as nano blading or nano brows is similar to Microblading, but done by machine. It is a cosmetic technique that uses ultra-fine nanoneedles to deposit pigments into the dermis layer of the skin. Because of the fact that the needles used in this procedure are super thin, the application of the strokes is very controlled and precise, thus making the strokes actually resemble the diameter and dimension of real hair.


Since the Nano blading procedure makes use of a conventional needle device where the needle sits approximately 0.75 mm outside the cartridge, it is easier to apply the precise pressure to create the perfect crisp strokes. With the tip of the needle dipped into pigment and the vibration pulling the pigment down into the cartridge, the pigment is then gradually dispensed from the needle into the skin. This process then allows for a much more controlled movement, with fewer risks of the pigment being implanted way too deep.

Additionally, the tool used in Nano blading causes less trauma to the skin because of its design, unlike the microblading tool which is a blade that cuts into the skin. As a result, it’s safe to say that Nano blading is slightly less uncomfortable than microblading.

In other words, because of the tool used in Nano blading, this procedure offers a much cleaner and more precise process. It is also slightly less invasive than microblading.


Nano blading results can last longer than Microblading. It has been reported that Nano blading results last up to at least three years, which is far longer than the microblading counterpart.

When looking to get a fuller set of brows Microblading is one of the most popular choices while Nano blading is slowly rising to popularity.

In a lot of ways, microblading and nanoblading are practically the same. After all, they share the same goal, and they have identical end results. However, they do differ in the details. The biggest difference between the two lies in the tools that they use, with the microblading’s device being a lot more rigid and the Nano blading’s device being a lot more flexible. Because of these tools, the end results of both procedures will have subtle differences — though you’ll only probably notice it if you really pay close attention.

So, whichever you choose will entirely be up to you. Your choice will depend on your personal preference and on your ideal end look. Both of these procedures are effective anyway. So whichever you’ll end up choosing, you’ll still get your dream eyebrows at the end of the day.

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