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HydroLuxx Facial

-Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice-Aloe Barbadensis leaf juiceThis facial has 8 steps to clean and hydrate your skin with resurfacing effect by removing the surface cells of the skin.

Step1 : Cleansing, Step2 : Steaming, Step 3: Hydropeeling, Step 4: Extraction, Steps 5 : Massage, Step 6: Facial Mask, Step 7: Oxygen Infusion, Step 8: Protection

Benefits of Hydro peeling

* Stimulates lymphatic flow

* Improves local blood circulation

* Give skin a healthy , natural glow

* Improves complexion and colour

* Clear black heads and white heads

* Complements the effects of other treatments

Benefit of Oxygen theory

* Minimises fine line and wrinkles

* Unclogs and clean pores

* Improves mild acne scars

* Remove excess oil from skin

* Reduce wrinkles

* Increase cell turnover process

* Aids in the skin's detoxification process

* No side effects

* Reverses effect for ageing skin

* Treat flaky, dry skin

Hydropeel serum for normal skin contains:

- Hamamelis virginiana flower water

-Salicilic acid

- Willow bark extract

-Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice

-Black warnut leaf extract and many other good stuffs

Hydropeel serum for oily skin contains:

-Plantago Lanceolata leaf water

-Lactic Acid

-Kelp extract

-Rosemary extract

-Witch Hazel

-Glutamic Acid

- -Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice

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