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Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal, it is not the same as hair reduction by other method such as Laser.

Electrolysis  tackles each hair on an individual basis. Though this is a longer and more delicate method, it brings a more permanent result for hair removal.

 Electrolysis works by sending a current from a metal probe down each individual hair, a combination of this electrical current and a chemical reaction kills it at its root, thereby stopping any regrowth.

The benefits of electrolysis include:

Permanent hair removal 

Effective on all hair colours – even grey and blond

Electrolysis treatment is not affects by skin and hair type because electrolysis tackles each hair individually by sending a current directly into the root. 

With laser or IPL, there must be a clear contrast between the skin and hair colour for the laser to works . Hence IPL and Laser do not work in some cases when there are lighter hairs on light skin or dark hairs on dark skin .

Hair grows in a cycle of three parts, for treatment to successfully remove a hair it must be in the Anagen phase (growing). For this reason, multiple treatments are required to catch each hair in the anagen phase, and therefore permanently remove all hair from the treatment area.

Side effects of electrolysis are very uncommon, but immediately following the treatment the area may be red, sore and bumpy. This should reside within a few hours to a couple of days.

Overall , this treatment is 

Suitable for white, ginger and grey hairs

Ideal for sparse sporadic hairs

Suitable for all men and women aged over 18

Consultation is needed before the treatment. Book one by Any Book Now button on Home Page

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