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Feature Clinic Bespoke Facial

1. Double cleanse

2. Steam

3. Ultrasonic skin scrubbing . Ultrasound Spatula vibrates up to 28,000 times per minute. This rapid vibration vaporises moisture on the surface of the skin to gently peel away the superficial layer of dead skin and sebum to reveal fresh, healthy, and glowing skin. This treatment is a great painless alternative to classical blackhead reduction.

4. Exfoliate with Microdermabrasion wand . Diamond peeling is a soft and painless method of mechanical face peeling. The diamond tip removes the upper corneum layer and the vacuum removes scrubbed cells, accelerates blood circulation.

5. Serum & Ultrasonic head on the face : soften and massages the skin , promotes blood circulation, accelerate skin metabolism & better product penetration

6. Ultrasonic head for under eyes to remove puffiness and dark circle

7. Bio radio frequency  - lifting and tightening effects, remove under eye bags and saggy neck

8. High frequency for acne-prone skin, anti-septic and anti- inflammatory effect.

9. LED light of your choice; Blue light for anti-inflammatory or red light for acnes skin.

10. Oxygen therapy

* Smoothing fine wrinkles and plumping the skin

* Intense skin hydration

* Oxygenation of the skin

* Stimulation of cell renewal

* Restoring the natural Ph balance of dry and oily skin.

What our customers are saying

I had a Hydroluxx facial at Feature clinic and cannot rate the treatment or the service highly enough.

The treatment surpassed all expectations, my skin was left hydrated, smooth and glowing. The venue is immaculately clean, covid secure, has a great ambiance and was the height of relaxation. The staff, as always, were friendly, professional and knowledgeable.


Deborah Baljit- On Google in June 2021

Service Prices

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1 hr session

Weekly Service


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30 minute session

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1 hr session

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